Build the best cheats Among Us on PC

We have collected all the latest versions of popular cheats for the PC version of Among Us. Multihack, trainer, mod menu and others are available for download right now.

DOWNLOAD CHEAT Among Us External MultiHack

  • Speedhack – changing the speed of movement on the map.
  • No cooldown kills.
  • Switch between an impostor and a team member.
  • Noclip – the ability to pass through walls.

DOWNLOAD AU Trainer v3 for Among Us

  • Always be an impostor.
  • See all the impostors.
  • No cooldown kills.
  • Open the entire map.
  • Teleport to another character.
  • Long range kills.
  • Increase your running speed.

PP Cheats Mod-Cheat mod For Among Us from January 11, 2021

  • Unlimited Meetings.
  • Insane report distance.
  • No Clip.
  • Meetings Cooldown bypass.


  • Infinite kill range.
  • Kill cooldown bypass.
  • Lock on target.
  • Become invisible.
  • Kill other impostor.

How to launch:

The cheat will only work on the Steam version. This means that if you have a pirated version of the game, the cheat will not work.

Start the game, after starting, select the “Enable cheats” checkbox. After that, everything is ready.

Password from the archive: 123

Cheat for 100 players in Among Us

Cheat for 100 players in Among Us

With this cheat, you can play on a special server, which has increased the limit of players to 100 people. There can be up to 10 impostors in the game.


  1. Open the Steam client and find the Among Us app in the game library.
  2. Select “Manage” – “View local files”.
  3. Extract the contents of the downloaded mod file to any convenient location on your PC.
  4. Drag and drop the extracted files to the root folder Among Us.
  5. Done.

Mod Menu Among Us 2021.17.9s

mod menu among us 2020.17.9
  • Fast teleport on the map.
  • Find all the players on the map.
  • To stop the vote.
  • To include an unlimited meetings.
  • Enable ghost mode.
  • To enable the transparent wall.
  • Complete the quest.
  • Sabotage it.
  • Close all doors.



This mod will add a new role to the game-a medic who can resurrect dead astronauts. This mod radically changes the game for the better and helps you fight against impostors.

How to launch the mod:

  • Download and unzip the mod.
  • From the manual installation folder, download all the contents to the Among Us game directory.
  • After starting the game, change the country value. Replace Europe with Launchpad.
  • When starting a new game, on the game tab, select the desired mode (medic).

It is worth reminding that to play with this mod, it is necessary that your friends also have the mod installed.

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