AU Trainer v3 for AMONG US 2021.17.9 ON PC-LATEST VERSION

AU Trainer v3: See All Impostor,Teleport,TeleKill and Magnet Player. AU Trainer v3 is a high-quality cheat for the PC version of Among US. With it, you can quickly open all the skins, see who the traitor is and use the ghost mode.

AU Trainer v3 for AMONG US 2021

  • Become a traitor.
  • See all the traitors on the map.
  • No kill break. You will be able to kill without interruption.
  • Vision Map – remove darkness on the map.
  • Telekill – press the key to teleport to the enemy position.
  • Player magnet – teleport your enemies to your position.
  • Teleport Pos – Press F3 to save your position on the map and F4 to load this saved position.
  • Player speed is the speed to install.
  • Kill Range – Long range kill.

How to install AU Trainer v3 for Among US

  1. Download the original Among Speaker for PC.
  2. Install the injector program.
  3. Download the trainer and unpack it into the folder with the injector.
  4. We launch the injector – the program will do the rest by itself.

Download AU Trainer v3 for Among US

Archive password: 123

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