Download the best mods for AMONG US 2021

The latest versions of the Zombie mod, Sonic mod, Naruto Mod, Medic mod and others are available for download. Download and play.


This mod will change all the standard character structures. You and your friends will be able to look like Sonic.

MEDIC MOD for Among Us

The mod will add the Role of a Medic to Among US.

How to install?

Download the Medic Mod.
Unpack the mod. Now, from the”Manual Installation” folder, copy the contents to the game folder(where among us.exe).
Launch the game and you’re done.
To start, you need to configure the mod.

Captain Mod for Among US

This mod will add a new captain role to the game Among US. By choosing the role of captain, you will be able to use the new features of the game.

Captain’s Abilities in Among US:

  • The main goal of the captain is to catch the traitor.
  • The captain can zoom in on the map. You will be able to see where the murder or sabotage occurred. This will help you find the impostor.
  • The captain will be able to activate an emergency meeting from any room.

The installation of the mod is the same as that of the mod for the Medic

Download Naruto MOD for Among Us

The mod replaces all the character textures Among Us with the popular Naruto character.



This is a new role for the online game Among US. You will be able to track down and kill the impostor. But if you make a mistake and kill a member of the ship instead of the traitor, then the game is over.

The game can be played simultaneously by up to 10 people and there will be 2 impostors.


As you already understood, this mod will add pony skins to the game. You will be able to change their hairstyles and change their appearance in every possible way.


This is a new mod that is made in the style of a party. The reactor became radioactive and everything began to glow. Added new skins and design of all maps.

ZOMBIE MOD for Among Us


In the Zombie mod for Among Us, there are impostors trying to turn the entire team into a horde of zombies. Players can install and play it on PC and Android.

How to install the mod on your PC:

  • Download the mod.
  • If you use the mod file download, players will need to press the Windows + R button and paste “% APPDATA% / .. / LocalLow / Innersloth / Among Us ” into the search box. Press Enter .
  • Copy or move the downloaded mod file to the resulting file path.
  • To run Among US.

How to install the mod on android:

  • Download and install the server
  • Run the installed Squid server.
  • Create a room and enter the command in the chat/gamemode zombies.
  • We leave the room and connect to the public session, they will be for the Zombie mod.

Hello Kitty mod for Among Us

Want to add white kittens skins and pink colors to Among Us? Then this mod is for you. The creators of Hello Kitty for Among Us have replaced the standard skins, customization items and map design in the game with a cute Hello Kitty style. Now your characters will turn into white kittens, and the cards and the voting window will turn pink.

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