Download All Of Us Launchpad Final – The best mod pack (Mod Manager) for AMONG US

This is a new Mod Manger for the game Among US. With it you will be able to manage your mods right from the game.

How to make texture mods for the Among Us Launcher

Already added textures are: Sonic, Kirby, Christmas Lobby, new crew members, Bunny Crew, Pokemon, and Naruto.

Game Settings.

There are 2 new settings in the control settings. They are related to the camera:

  • Sabotage jolt. When any sabotage is going on, the camera will shake. This of course is cool, although not very convenient.
  • Fixed camera. Unlike the normal smooth-following camera, this one will almost-intentionally follow the player. This works with the jolt of sabotage.


Room Settings

There are as many as 5 new settings, here’s what they do:

  • Gamemode – Game Mode, there are 4 in total.
  • HideCode – Hides the code for everyone in the lobby.
  • CrewVenting – Venting becomes public. Breaks the balance.
  • BodyDragging – The Imposter can move bodies, carrying them through the hatch.
  • RevealRoles – Reveals the owners of special roles by highlighting their nickname with the role color. (For example, medics).

DOWNLOAD All Of Us Launchpad Final for pc-version Among US

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