Download Nulls Brawl Miko, Kit, Larry and Lori – season 22

New update to the Nulls Brawl. Three new brawlers, a new 5 on 5 mode, many new skins including cartoon skins, updated nypercharges, many prizes for the new year and much more…

New brawler MICO

Basic Attack: When attacking, he leaps at the enemy, dealing damage when he lands and becoming unresponsive in the air. He can jump over walls, pits, and even projectiles, but his cooldown speed is very slow to compensate for this.
Superpower: Thanks to his Super, he can jump into the air and you can control where he lands. The target will be visible to you and your opponents.

Brawler KiT

Basic Attack: Keith uses his sharp, short but very fast claws to attack.
Super Ability: In his Super Ability, he jumps on allies or enemies. If he’s on an ally, he heals the ally and himself, and his basic attack changes, turning him into a caster. But if it’s an enemy, it scratches the enemy for a while.
When Keith gets “entangled” with someone. he becomes invulnerable, so you have to either eliminate the host or wait for him to get free.
Your super is charged automatically.


A new version will be added soon. Wait for it. The previous version of the update is available now.

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