Brawl Stars 52.177 with New Brawler Charlie – Season 21

A new Brawl Stars season 21 is upon us, adding a new chromatic brawler Charlie and more new skins to the game. Also Megapig, new game mode and new hyperchange.

CHARLIE HALLOWEEN Megavault, Themed Skins and More

Charlie – a new chromatic brawler from bizarre circus scenario.

Her attack: Charlie uses her hair like a yo-yo. It moves straight and returns when it hits a target. So, the closer the target, the faster she can attack.

Her Super: Her super ability allows her to put opponents in a cocoon after hitting them. The trapped brawler’s allies can wait or attack the cocoon to free whoever is inside, but the health of this cocoon will also be gradually reduced.

Charlie will have another skin – Spider Charlie.


  • Add Halloween skins.
  • Add Circus Bizarro Skins.
  • Add more skins.

Download Brawl Stars 52.177 with spider Brawler Charlie


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