DOWNLOAD BRAWL STARS 46.191 with new brawler (Buster)

Update 22 november 2022

Two new brawler Buster – New Mode (Bot Drop) – Bumpers in Brawl Ball! – Spray Paints, Player Icons, Player Journeys, Unique Quests, Vision Gear, Power League changes, so many awesome new skins, etc.

What’s new

  • Added new season.
  • All unlocked!!!
  • Added Two new brawlers (Janet and Bonnie).
  • Implemented second Jackie gadget.
  • Added a position check when using a spray (now you can’t put it in the bushes or the wall).
  • Fixed HP calculation when Bonnie changes form.
  • Fixed Griff’s attack pattern.
  • Fixed Bonnie’s second passive.
  • Fixed Bonnie’s ulta trajectory (cannon shot).
  • Fixed Bonnie’s second gadget (it now works in the correct form).
  • Fixed a bug that caused Janet to be able to pick up the ball.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Janet to fly off the map in Basketball Fight, or out of the side of the goal area in Bravle Ball.
  • Removed erroneous block from the mapper.

DOWNLOAD BrawlStars 46.191.apk mod apk WITH Buster for android

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