Win fast in Among Us

How to win quickly and easily in Among US? In this article, we will tell you some secrets that can help you win.

How to play AMONG US

Among US is an online game that you can play with your friends online. The composition of the players can be from 4-10 people. At the beginning of each game, you choose the map on which you will play and you are given a role. You can become an astronaut or an impostor.

The game’s challenge:

For the crew members of the ship – to find out who the impostor is, and for the impostors-to kill all the members of the ship.

An astronaut is like a civilian in the mafia, he can be killed, framed, betrayed and deceived. his goal is to find out who the impostor is, keep the ship running and correct the consequences of sabotage, and keep a close eye on other characters. After all, anyone can become an impostor. You will have to perform daily voting and participate in the voting, which can be initiated by each player. In these polls, you can choose who you think is an impostor and, if you guess right, you won.

The impostors have other tasks. They can commit sabotage, ambush, move around the ventilation system, and commit covert murders. You can win by killing all the astronauts or in the case of a successful sabotage. After the sabotage, the astronauts have a limited time to fix the problem, and if they do not have time, then you have won.

Tips for Impostors in Among US

  1. Kill experienced players at the very beginning. At the beginning of the round, look for more experienced players and try to eliminate them first. By tracking the movements of all players, you can quickly determine who is the first time in the game, and who is already a pro.
  2. Watch out for security cameras. While the camera is flashing, do not get into the view of this camera, otherwise you will be discovered.Kill near the hatch of the ventilation chambers. After the murders, try to quickly hide, and ventilation is the best assistant in this.
  3. Use bows more often. With the help of ventilation, you can quickly and sometimes imperceptibly move around the map.
  4. Use of sabotage. Sabotaging the oxygen plant, reactor, and other important nodes will help you distract the players and make the game easier for you.
  5. Disguise yourself with other players. Participate in the voting, stay close to the mini-games, simulating the completion of tasks, and so on. This way you can avoid suspicion.

Tips for Astronauts in AMONG US

  1. Check the map to see where you need to go. This will help you get to your destination faster. And in the case of sabotage, this will help you not to lose, since the time to restore work is limited.
  2. If the impostor is in the vent and the emergency button is pressed, he will jump through the vent. If you are a teammate, you can easily catch the imposter if you see who will perform the jump when the emergency button is pressed.
  3. Do not press the emergency meeting button too often. The number of meetings is limited, so call a meeting when you are sure.
  4. Quickly respond to all acts of sabotage. Procrastination can cost you victory. If you do not eliminate the defects, then an automatic victory of the traitors can occur. For example, a reactor explosion or an oxygen leak. To do this, after the arrows appear on the screen, follow the specified rooms.
  5. Look at the administrator’s map. If the characters on the map blink, it means that there was a murder.
  6. If you see an open hatch on the map, then immediately run there and catch the impostor.
  7. Watch out for other players when completing tasks. Impostors will not be able to successfully complete any tasks, if someone successfully completes them, then he is definitely not an impostor.
  8. Don’t be alone. Run in a group, preferably three or four astronauts. If you are left alone in the room, then watch carefully so that you are not crept up and killed!

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