New opportunities AMONG US in 2021

New features for the game Among Us in 2021 have become known.

New Features AMONG US

Many new features will be added to the game. Many of them are planned for the near future.

New Features Among Us in 2021:

  • Hide-and-seek mode and improved search.
  • The new role of the medic.
  • A new role as a guardian angel.
  • Added voice chat.
  • The account you added.
  • The limit of players in the match will be increased.
  • The yield Among Us PS 5.
  • New colors will be added for the players.

Hide and seek mode and improved search

It became known that the developer company Innersloth is secretly working on a Hide-and-seek mode for Among Us. According to the leaks, the “hide and seek” mode has been in development for about a month. The developers made this decision after seeing the huge popularity of the Hide and Seek mode in the game’s customizable lobbies.

Guardian Angel

Die first and play as a ghost – the most annoying and boring activity in Among Us. Thus, developers are looking for ways to involve ghosts in the game. In one of the Twitch Live broadcasts, one of the game developers talked about adding a ” Guardian Angel “feature to the game.

However, what exactly this function will do is still unknown. There are suggestions that after a teammate dies, he will be assigned the role of a guardian angel, and he will be able to protect teammates from being killed or help them.

Voice Chat

The developers promise to add voice chat to the game. They already told us that they were developing this feature. It will be optimized for the game, which means that it will have such a feature as automatic mute, so that when a traitor kills a dying teammate, it will not spoil the game for everyone.

Accounts in Among Us

In the upcoming updates, according to the developers, you will be able to create your own accounts and save your progress and high scores. Whether this is the case, we will find out in the next update of the game.

The new limit of players in the session

It is planned to increase the maximum number of players in one round to 15 people.


In the plans of the developers there are proposals to release the game on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. In one of the live broadcasts, the developers said that they are talking about this inside the company, and there are good chances that this will actually happen.

New Colors for AMONG US

It became known that it is planned to add new colors. And this is not surprising, because the limit on players will increase and new colors will be needed. Among the planned colors are burgundy, gold and others.


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