Download the Menu Mod Among Us 2020.12.9 s for PC

The first version of the popular cheat MOD MENU for Steam version Among Us 2020.12.9 s on PC has become available.

AMONG US MENU MOD 2020.12.9 s

Enabling the mod:

  • Delete – open the menu.
  • Insert – show the radar.
  • Home – open the console.
  • End – repair and sabotage.

Menu Mod Features:

  • Changeable color of the radar or menu.
  • Changing the speed of movement.
  • Unlock all skins, pets, hats, and other cosmetics.
  • The possibility to change the distance of the murders.
  • Change the viewing range.
  • Do not remove the chat button.
  • To read the messages of ghosts.
  • Show the impostor.
  • Open the ventilation ducts.
  • Show all the ghosts.

How to install the AMONG US Menu MOD on a PC

Normal (AmongUsMenu.dll)

Install it with any injector.

Proxy Version (xinput1_3.dll)

The mod will automatically install if the dll is located in the game directory.


Archive password 111

DOWNLOAD CHEAT Hackermode v30 FOR PC (29.01.2021) (25 MB)

Installation and launch instructions:

  • Run the cheat.
  • Start the game.
  • That’s it! The cheat will inject itself and the Anti-Cheat bypass will be activated. You just have to choose the functions.

Archive password 777

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