Mod Medic for Among Us. Full instructions on how to download and install the mod on your PC

Mod Medic adds a new Medic role to Among US. With its help, you can bring characters to life, search for clues and help your team defeat impostors.

How to install medic mod on pc

  • Download Mod Medic.
  • Unpack the mod. Now copy the contents from the “Manual Installation” folder to the game folder (where among us.exe).
  • Start the game and you’re done.

After installation, be sure to configure the mod in the game.

How to set up a mod in a game on pc

  • Change the region before creating a new game. select Launchpad instead of Europe.
  • After starting the game, go to the settings and on the game tab select the desired game mode.
  • Everything is now ready.

For all mods, we recommend using a special game client – SKELD. This is a separate server made for mods and has a lot of customization options. The zombie mod is already built in there.


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