How to win Among Us by playing as an impostor

For players in the role of an impostor in Among US, there are a few things to look out for if you want to win. With our tips and tricks, you will increase your chances of successfully winning the game.

The Basics for an Impostor in Among US

Here are a few things you should remember when playing as an impostor.

  • Imposters usually see more than their regular teammates. You can use this to your advantage. This requires some practice and game experience, but at some point you will be able to assess how far your opponent’s field of view extends and when you can act unnoticed.
  • When the light is diverted, the team members have a very poor view. However, your review is not limited to anything. Use this to your advantage. Another advantage of this is the ability to create an alibi for yourself, citing as an argument that they could not see you because of the poor view.
  • Some tasks, such as the key task at the Polus, are shared among all crew members. Therefore, if you want to argue that you completed the task on the last lap, even if it was not assigned in the session, then you will reveal your disguise.
  • The kill cooldown is always significantly reduced at the beginning of the very first round of the session, which means you can kill someone very quickly.
  • Sabotage disables the emergency button for crew members until the accident is resolved. This applies to all diversions, except for doors.
  • The cameras are not subject to light sabotage and still have a normal view. In this case, when planning the murders, pay special attention to whether anyone is in front of the cameras.

Impostor Among US – How to Win

  • Do not rush to immediately kill and arrange sabotage. You are not formally limited in time and can carefully study the map. Remember who is where to arrange a diversion and not be caught.
  • Usually everyone runs in groups and all players are different colors. This can help you when you want to come up with a made-up alibi.
  • Hide the traces of crimes, distracting other players with sabotage. While the players will eliminate the consequences of the accident, you will be able to leave the area with the corpse and thus hide your suspicions.
  • Use a false trail. For example, closing the doors to the premises you will direct the players in the wrong direction, as everyone will think that there is a corpse.
  • All players try to complete the tasks, but you, as an impostor, cannot complete them. Before you start the game, come up with a plan for how you will “perform” your complex tasks. This will help you tell a coherent story in the survey. Then, based on your route, you can decide in which area it is best to make a kill.
  • Sabotage in communications is a very powerful tool, especially when there is someone in the lobby who is very often at the cameras. This deactivates the cameras, and tasks such as loading and unloading cannot be performed.

How to make an alibi for an impostor in Among US

  • Stay calm. In the case of an interrogation, it is important to come up with a coherent story in advance. Tell us where you were, who was there, and who could have seen you. It will be great if you have a crew member who can vouch for you. For example, you were hanging out near the murder scene when it was reported. Let this information go to the defense.
  • An example would be the following: I first went to the Armory, smashed asteroids there, then went past Navigation to Communication. Then the lights were sabotaged and we went into Electricity through the Vault. Here you will convincingly show what your route was, what tasks you completed and which person can confirm your innocence. By engaging this person, you also get someone who can vouch for you directly. The fact that you killed someone behind you when the lights went out at the communication station would ideally be nullified with the approval of your teammate who saw you walking around with him all the time.
  • If you get caught, don’t worry. Unfortunately, many players immediately give up and admit to the murder. Being a true traitor, you must confront this and try to convince everyone of your innocence.
  • Lie. Think of situations in which you were innocent or even found a corpse with someone else. Explain that this person could not see you because you were in another place, and that this may be a false denunciation, and he is really a impostor.
  • Even if it doesn’t always succeed, of course, it can still cause confusion, conflict, or discussion, and, conversely, it may lead to you not being chosen as an impostor after all.

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