How to hold an emergency meeting in Among Us

In the game Among Us, you can hold an emergency meeting to vote on who is the impostor. How to conduct it and what tricks you need to know to successfully conduct it, we will tell you in this article.

Arranging an emergency meeting in Among Us

There can be many examples of when it is necessary to call an emergency vote. The found body of the victim, guesses who may be an impostor or for no reason. But you need to remember that the number of meetings is limited and you need to manage them wisely. However, more and more often you can find situations when an emergency meeting is arranged at the very beginning of the game.

So, what do you need to remember and how to organize an emergency meeting? And we will tell you about this below:

  • You can call the emergency button in the cafeteria or in the office, depending on the map. When you get close enough to it, the “Use”button will start flashing in the lower right corner.
  • To report a corpse, you must stand next to the corpse. A button will appear in the lower-right corner that you can use to call an emergency meeting.
  • Restrictions: At the beginning of the game and after each trigger, there is a recovery phase. In this case, the emergency button does not work. The same is true during the sabotage by the impostor.
  • Action Plan: During the meeting, you have the opportunity to consult with your teammates for a certain period of time to find the traitor. Or you protect yourself and manipulate other players because you are an impostor yourself.
  • Until the time runs out, anyone can vote for whoever they think is a traitor. The player with the highest number of votes is eliminated. Voting may be conducted in secret or in public. The selection can be skipped, if it receives a sufficient number of players.


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