Hide and Seek mode for Among US

Hello friends. In the game Among Us, you can start an interesting hide and seek mode. We will tell you how to play it and how to set it up in this article.

Hide and Seek mode

To play you will need 6-10 people. As with the main goal of the game, the impostors in the game must kill other players, while the ship’s crew must complete a series of tasks. The only change in this mode is the lack of panic and voting for impostors. Although the difference is so small, you need to make some adjustments to play this mode. The difference between the game and the normal mode is that traitors have reduced vision, while personnel, on the contrary, have increased vision.

Hide and Seek settings for Among Us

Number of players: 6-10 people.
Preferred Card: Skeld.
Emergency meetings (panic): 0.
Pause: 10-20.
Tasks: General tasks 2, visual tasks 2.
Impostor's Vision: 0.25x
Teammate's vision: 5x

Rules of the game of Hide and Seek Among Us

Impostors should never use air vents in the game. Even if all players have completed the tasks in the game, they should not end the game and continue walking. It is forbidden to hide in the corners. Certain areas in the game such as the gate, reactor, and oxygen should not be sabotaged. The impostor can only sabotage the communication zone in the game. The use of CCTV cameras in the game to monitor other people is strictly prohibited. Complaining in the game is prohibited. The main goal here is not to find an impostor, but to complete tasks in the game. Like hide and seek, the impostor waits 15 seconds for the game to begin. In the meantime, teammates will be able to escape.

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