DOWNLOAD BRAWL STARS 40.150 – Club League

New version of the game with a club league, new game currency, new items and new skins.

What’s New

  • Club League.
  • Club trophies.
  • Golden tickets.
  • Gears.

Club League

How does the Club League “work”?
✅You don’t need to spend gems on Gold tickets!
But you do have the option if you don’t want to actively play the game.
✅The reasoning behind this is to reward players outside of the club league. This means that if you are constantly promoting trophies, playing Power League, etc.
You will get a chance to compete with the best clubs. If you do NOT want to use it, you can use gems.
✅If you use starpoints for crates, save that for a club league. You will get MUCH more rewards and progress if you play it every week.

  • If you want skins for starpoints?
    Keep “picking up” trophies, nothing has changed!
    ✅ Playing a club league every week without buying ANY Gold Ticket will already get you a lot more rewards than before.
    ✅If you want to become a better club, here’s what you need to do:
    -Play with your teammates.
    Make sure each clubmate accumulates star points elsewhere in the game.
    -Have 30 members in your club


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