Download Among Us APK 2021.3.15 Mod Latest Version

This is the latest version of the Among US mod with all skins and hats open. Play as a crew or impostors.

About Among US

A crew of 10 is ready to build a space shuttle to travel into the great unknown. However, there are several traitors in the group. They need to be weeded out before trying to kill others in conflict. Can you escape the funniest party madness? Download the Among Us Android game to see if you’re up for the challenge.


Win the game by successfully completing each mission to build your spaceship. Or you can weed out all the cheaters and remove them from the game. Traitors can thwart your plans at any time. Therefore, all players will need to react quickly and act as quickly as possible. The manager map and cameras will help you keep track of all your teammates. Make sure you keep an account and always be on the lookout for any signs of a safe haven. When corpses start to appear. Contact other players immediately. Discuss any evidence and try to quickly find out who the scammers are. However, meetings can be held to discuss suspicious behavior or behavior of other players. Once a decision has been made, you can vote to remove all suspects. Make sure you make the right decisions when choosing who stays and who leaves.


The graphics in Among US are interesting and distinctive. Largely because of her, she became popular. This is a party game that you will love to play with your friends and family. Each character’s character models are unique and distinctive enough to have a unique personality. By design and character settings, you can easily point among us from other games. However, animations are also combined to create fluid visuals. The game can run at 60 frames per second for maximum optimization. Run around the map and perform flawless actions that look and look good throughout the game. Even with a simple choice of art style, everyone can appreciate the effort, creativity and imagination. It used to be a party game. Thus, the carefree atmosphere complements the style choices perfectly.


All suits are open, unlocked All pets are open unlocked All hats are open, unlocked.

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